Frigidaire Dishwasher Troubleshooting

Frigidaire is a major brand of consumer appliances and as the name suggests the company has it origins in refrigerators. These days Frigidaire are owned by Electrolux and produce a wide range of appliances including, of courses, dishwashers.

Since Frigidaire dishwashers share design elements and parts with other brands of dishwashers owned by Electrolux, spare parts and repair are readily available and there is plenty of troubleshooting support should your Frigidaire dishwasher encounter any problems.

Dishwashers are quite basic machines and as such any faults or problems your dishwasher might develop are usually very easy to identify by taking some simple troubleshooting steps. Once you have found the source of the problem you may need to seek repair by a professional dishwasher engineer, but many problems have a simple solution and you can often easily sort out your Frigidaire dishwasher problems yourself.

As with any modern dishwasher, Frigidaire models have a display panel which will show an error code when the dishwasher detects a fault. These error codes are a useful indicator to the source of the dishwashers problem and are a helpful guide to get you started with Frigidaire dishwasher troubleshooting. Below are some of the commonly encountered error codes and what they mean.

  • HO– The dishwasher is delaying the cycle to allow water to get up to temperature. Usually this means the dishwasher does not have a fault and will wash your dishes correctly but it is taking longer than usual to heat up the water. If your Frigidaire dishwasher takes on heated water from the mains make sure the water supply into the dishwasher is hot.
  • LO – Simply means that the rinse aid is low, refill the rinse aid dispenser.
  • PF – A power supply issue, the dishwasher is receiving a lower voltage than usual. Make sure that power is turned on and that there are no problems with power supply to the unit. This error can be cleared by opening and closing the dishwasher door.
  • CL– A problem with the dishwashers door latch. Even if the door seems to be closed, if the appliance detects a problem with the latch it will not run to avoid leaks or flooding. Check the door latch and seals to make sure the door is closing firmly and that there are no obstructions.
  • UO – This stands for ‘vent open’ and seems to be a commonly encountered problem on some models. The vent is usually located on the top right of the dishwasher. Remove the vent and check if it is clogged or obstructed, there should also be a rubber gasket in there which can be removed and cleaned if it looks gunked up. Once clean and unblocked the vent error should go away. If the problem recurs this may be the symptom of a bigger issue and you should consider getting a service or repair.

For further assistance please have a look at our page about common dishwasher problems and our general dishwasher troubleshooting guide.