LG Dishwasher Problems

LG are a very popular global appliance manufacturer and although LG dishwashers are well made and generally reliable they can, like any dishwasher, encounter faults and problems from time to time which will require maintenance or repair.

LG dishwashers are fairly simple machines so troubleshooting the problem is usually a pretty quick and easy process which can often have your dishwasher back to work in no time and can potentially save you from some big repair bills.

So before considering paying for a repair it is well worth taking a few minutes to try and find the source of your LG dishwasher’s problem and from there you can often fix minor faults yourself, or at least have a good idea of the cause of the error before contacting an engineer.

Dishwashers display error codes when they detect a fault and below are some the most commonly displayed errors which you might expect to see on your LG dishwasher, what they mean, and how you can go about troubleshooting the problem.

  • LE Error Code – This is a control panel error. It may point to an electrical gremlin of some sort (if you are competent working with electrics safely then you can remove the panel and check the wiring is OK). If the LG dishwasher seems to have been running fine apart from this error then you can wipe the error from diagnostics and then try running a program. To clear the LE error code press and hold down the Start/Pause button for about five seconds.
  • E1 Error Code – This error code suggests you have an issue with the wash pump. Likely symptoms would be poor drainage or not enough water during a cycle. Check the filters and drain are clear and unobstructed. Listen during a program to see if you can hear the wash pump operating properly (it may be on constantly or not at all). If this error interrupts a cycle then try the following – Cancel the cycle and turn the dishwasher off then back on again. Run a short rinse cycle. If the wash-pump is continually running at the end of the cycle then turn the dishwasher off, leave it for a minute and then repeat the process. If the problem is still there then turn off the dishwasher overnight with the door open and try again. If the dishwasher continues to show the error code then the wash pump may well be faulty and you’ll need to consider replacement and repair.
  • DE Error Code – A drainage issue. It isn’t unusual for some water to remain in the tub for a while after a cycle completes, but if there looks to be more than usual then you may have a blocked drain, filters or outlet. If the water isn’t draining properly from the dishwasher then check the following: Ensure the drain hose is not kinked or obstructed particularly at the connection to the sink. Remove the filters from the basin of the dishwasher and give them a clean and make sure that the drain is not blocked.

For further assistance please have a look at our page about common dishwasher problems and our general dishwasher troubleshooting guide.